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Red Ring Productions is a creative company that offers quick high-quality Video and Photography services for a diverse set of events. Our services are including but not limited to Weddings, Corporate Events and Portrait Shoots.

Who are we?

Red Ring Productions by Eric Cheng and Shirley Tan, was founded in Jan 2017. We started shooting for Corporate Events and Weddings since 2010. Since then, we have gained the invaluable experience to do a large variety of events from International Exhibition to Birthday Celebrations.

Our Motto

Explore Ideas, Create Content, Inspire Millions
We take pride in our work as we believe that each event represents an important milestone in a person’s life. Delivering a quality masterpiece will help preserve this memory for eternity.
This is not just a job for us. 

Founder - Shirley


Shirley has been madly in love with arts since young. Being a photographer herself, she believes that every moment counts. Shirley had worked with many prestigious companies for numerous product photography projects and event coverage. She has also taken countless weddings over the past 14 years of her photography career

Co-Founder - Eric 

Eric is the company's backbone as he is our creative cinematographer. He is well-experienced in content editing, social media interactions, and creative marketing. 

Eric is like a father to the company as he takes care of the well-being of his crew.

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